Our Products

Werner G. Smith, Inc. has the capacity and capability to produce a million pounds of product a month combining polymerizing and oxidizing equipment.

We have storage capacity in several tanks for both vegetable and fish oils for tolling (customer supplied or Werner G. Smith, Inc. supplied), as well as tanks for holding finished product.

Vegetable oils stored: ARB Soya, HEAR, Supreme Linseed, Raw Linseed, ARB Canola, TOFA. Capacity varies.

We have a 3000-gallon nitrogen storage tank on site for use in processing.  We have a packed column on site for use in processing for reflux/distillation.  We have a mini-reactor (5-gallon) that replicates what we do in the plant that allows for test batches prior to scale up.

Our viscosity ranges are wide so we can meet any need.

Werner G. Smith, Inc. Product Brochure 4-20-17

Werner G. Smith, Inc. Capacity Brochure 4-20-17