Our products are used to build both household and industrial cleaners.  While our available product listing has a variety of earth-friendly materials, Werner G. Smith, Inc. can customize your order needs through our Tolling Services.

For Tolling Services, please contact:

Jennifer Bugbee, Vice President of Operations

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Our in-house supplies used in cleaners include:

Castor oil products

Trade Name Chemical Name Uses
Raw Castor Oil Castor oil Industrial, coatings
Blown Castor Oil Z4-Z6 Castor oil, oxidized Industrial, plasticisers, alkyd resins, coatings and varnishes
Blown Castor Z7 Castor oil, oxidized
Dehydrated Castor Oil Z2-Z3 Castor oil, dehydrated, polymerized


Trade Name Chemical Name Uses
Hydrogenated Castor Oil Glycerides 190 Castor oil, hydrogenated Lithium or calcium base lubricating greases, hot melt coatings & adhesives, plasticizers, insulation waxes, paste waxes, wax compounds, cosmetics, candles, textile chemicals & sizes, metallic soaps, paper coatings, and chemical reactions
Hydrogenated Fish Glycerides 117 Glycerides, C14-22 and C16-22 – unsaturated Wax compounds, textile softeners and sizes, yarn lubricants, grease sticks, polishing compounds, soda base greases, crayons, candles, leather stuffings, wire drawing compounds, paper coatings and plastics
Hydrogenated Fish Glycerides 128 Glycerides, C16-22 and C18- unsaturated Wax compounds, textile sizes, grease sticks for polishing, lubricating greases, adhesives, Japan Wax replacements, crayons, leather stuffings, stearates, wire drawing compounds of the calcium soap type, paper coatings and plastics
Hydrogenated Tallow Glycerides 145M Tallow, hydrogenated Textile finishes, sizes, softeners, lubricating grease, wire drawing, production of mono and digylcerides, wax compounds, buffing and polishing compounds, candles, wire insulation and terne plate manufacture.

Hywax products

Trade Name Chemical Name Uses
Hywax 117 SB Fats and Glyceridic oils, menhaden, hydrogenated, reaction products with diethanolamine Emulsions, rust preventive compounds, wire drawing
Hywax 122SB Amides, menhaden oil, hydrogenated, N,N-bis(hydroxyethyl) Emulsions, rust preventive compounds, wire drawing