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February 6, 2017:  Werner G. Smith, Inc. Leadership Transition

Message from Outgoing President & CEO Peter Meckes

To all of our wonderful customers, I have taken on a new responsibility – retirement. After 46 years my wife, my body, and my mind (at 70) have said enough, it is time to do things you have always wanted to see or do and stop the 9 to 5 rat race. So, I am retired from Werner G. Smith, Inc. as current President and CEO. My sister, DL Meckes as President and my brother-in-law, Bill Grulich as CEO, succeed me and they will carry on the tradition of Werner G. Smith, Inc.’s quality products, fair pricing, reliability and warm relationships.

I started working on July 12, 1971, fresh out of Nasson College with a BA degree in history and a minor in government, not counting 3 summers working between semesters. I began doing the basics, scraping & painting our storage tanks and working in the warehouse.  I learned the many products we produced, sold and shipped to you our customers, whale oil, foundry oil, fish oil, vegetable oil. In 1985 I became assistant Traffic Manager and finally Traffic Manager when Gerry Freed passed away due to cancer. I held that position until my father, Wally Meckes, Jr., passed away on July 12, 2011, when his age (almost 91) and heart gave out.

How do you replace someone with the knowledge and awesome experience of 61 years with the company? Not easily is the answer.  I have tried to continue the things my father taught be about business and relationships. A smile, a handshake, a promise and a desire to continue or begin new relations the old-fashioned way of doing business. Today we see contracts, letters of intent and other legalese impersonal relationships; I preferred the old days and ways.

So, now I will sit back and enjoy life, and do the things I’ve wanted to do.  My father never understood why I wanted to retire originally at 65. He felt I could do all the things I wanted to do and still work until I dropped dead. My father was a workaholic. It was what kept him going, a driving force to not stop and run the show until the day he died. I will be a consultant from time-to-time for DL and Bill to help ease them into forging ahead with the company. New ideas, new changes, a breath of fresh air. I hope you will welcome them and continue the fine relationships our company has had with you all.

Werner G. Smith, Inc. is a company (66 years) started by my grandfather, Werner G. Smith. Young by some standards, old by others, but in the same location under different names doing different things since the mid-1800s. Some of our tanks are nearly 100 years old as are some of our buildings but we still keep going and producing. My vision is that DL and Bill will continue on with the company, flourish and grow stronger. Thank you all for your support and confidence in us, and so I bid goodbye.

Peter Meckes, President Emeritus

February 2, 2017:

Werner G. Smith, Inc. Welcomes New Staff and Leadership Effective January 1, 2017

With the retirement of President and CEO, Peter Meckes, Werner G. Smith, Inc. and the Board of Directors have selected and approved DL Meckes and Bill Grulich to manage the company as President and CEO, respectively.  Anticipate continued growth of our product lines and global footprint with a continued promise to our clients of quality and timely products.  We also say farewell to our Comptroller Tom Potoczak.

New President & CEO: DL Meckes & Bill Grulich

DL Meckes, President

Bill Grulich and DL Meckes have been in business with their company 4design for 12 years envisioning marketing and fundraising concepts. In addition, they have worked with many not-for-profits, raising millions of dollars for capital campaigns and projects. Bill and DL have worked with small and large for-profit businesses on marketing and advertising. Collectively, they have over 60 years experience.

They create WordPress websites, do SEO, and implement email blast and social media strategies. Search engine rankings have increased significantly for their clients after they have implemented optimization strategies. DL and Bill have implemented many successful social media campaigns.

Bill Grulich, CEO

DL and Bill have acted as Executive Producers on the award-winning documentary “Ain’t Done Yet” which was been accepted by PBS for nationwide distribution, reaching 8-9 million viewers.  In addition, 4design has created award-winning television and radio commercials with Bill & DL serving as directors, writers, producers, editors, voice-over talent, and crew members.

Bill has been serving on the Board of Directors of the Werner G. Smith, Inc. Shareholders for over 5 years.



Tom Potoczak

Tom Potoczak, Comptroller Retires After 14 Years of Service

Beginning the New Year, Werner G. Smith, Inc. welcomes new staff and leadership.   As we bid farewell to our President and CEO, Peter Meckes, we also thank and bid farewell to Tom Potoczak, our Comptroller for over 14 years.  Tom started with our company as an accountant and working directly with Peter’s father, Wally.  He moved to the position of Comptroller in 2008.

Tom retires to spend more time with his wife of 43 years, Diane, his children and grandchildren.  He also hopes to enjoy extra golf, bowling, and baseball.

Thank you, Tom!   Our best wishes for a pleasant retirement.

Tom is leaving our finances and operations in good hands with our new staff member, Chief Financial Officer, Beth Ann Komora. You can reach Beth Ann at: or by phone at: (216) 861-3676 Ext. 212

February 1, 2017:

Werner G. Smith, Inc. to Update Their Pricing Effective March 1, 2017

As we begin 2017, Werner G. Smith Inc. will be updating their pricing for all products and services.  Expect the same great products and service response!  Look for our updated pricing schedule on March 1, 2017.  Interested in placing an order before March 1?  Call Bill Grulich, our CEO at: (216) 521-1239.

January 28, 2017:

Global Market Demand for Bath and Shampoo Products Continues to Grow: WGSI is Ready and Capable to Meet Your Biodegradable Additive Needs

According to a report from the Euromonitor International, “the development of household bath and shower facilities in emerging markets is driving growing demand for bath-associated products, in particular cosmetics and branded shampoos/shower gels. African nations starting from a low water connectivity base are seeing the greatest increases in bath and shower access, although the region remains home to the least advanced home bath markets.”

And another reporting source from Infiniti Research Limited (IRL) reports that “Technavios market research analyst predict the global bath and shower products market to reach a market value of around USD 15 billion by the end of 2019. The increasing awareness about health and hygiene is the primary driver for the growth of this market.”

IRL analysts concluded “Consumers are being exposed to reliable information about the various bath products through the internet, television, and other sources of information. The rise in living standards and income are also leading consumers to opt for more expensive and aesthetically appealing bath and shower products with different fragrances and effective ingredients. The increased demand for organic products is also anticipated to contribute to the market growth during the forecast period. Organic shampoo manufacturers are focusing on developing new products by adding value to the basic cleansing action of shampoos.”

Werner G. Smith, Inc. has a long history of supplying biodegradable, bio-sustainable and bio-renewable products specified to the needs of our clients in the personal care and beauty industry.  Werner G. Smith is dedicated to producing our products using only green processes and earth-friendly raw materials.  To speak with a representative from our team and learn more about our customized product development and/or our personal care products and how they can meet your final product completion, please call Bill Grulich: (216) 521-1239.