Meet Our Leadership Team

dl meckes, President

Phone: (216) 861-3676 Ext. 221

Bill Grulich, CEO

Phone: (216) 861-3676 Ext. 221

Bill Grulich and dl meckes have been in business with their company 4design for 12 years envisioning marketing and fundraising concepts. In addition, they have worked with many not-for-profits, raising millions of dollars for capital campaigns and projects. Bill and dl have worked with small and large for-profit businesses on marketing and advertising. Collectively, they have over 60 years experience.

They create WordPress websites, do SEO, and implement email blast and social media strategies. Search engine rankings have increased significantly for their clients after they have implemented optimization strategies. dl and Bill have implemented many successful social media campaigns.

dl and Bill have acted as Executive Producers on the award-winning documentary “Ain’t Done Yet” which was been accepted by PBS for nationwide distribution, reaching 8-9 million viewers.  In addition, 4design has created award-winning television and radio commercials with Bill & dl serving as directors, writers, producers, editors, voice-over talent, and crew members.

Bill  has been serving on the Board of Directors of the Werner G. Smith, Inc. Shareholders for over 5 years.  In November 2016, they will lead the future growth of Werner G. Smith, Inc. as Peter S. Meckes moves into a consultant role and becomes a happy retiree.

Peter S. Meckes, President Emeritus

Phone: (216) 861-3676 Ext. 213

Mr. Peter S. Meckes is the current President & CEO of Werner G. Smith, Inc., who produces biodegradable, bio-sustainable, and bio-renewable additives in such diverse applications as machining and metal working, cleaners, personal care products and coatings and paint.  He has been the President & CEO since 2011.

Prior to his position as President & CEO, Peter worked within Werner G. Smith, Inc. at several positions learning the operations of the company including Traffic Manager, Warehouse Worker, and General Laborer from 1967-2011.  He succeeded his father, Wally, who ran the company until 2011, making Peter the 3rd generation leader of the corporation.

During his free time, Peter volunteers with the Pioneer Ridge Glee Club, the Advent Episcopal Church, the North Olmsted Soccer Organization, and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

He is an avid snow skier and swimmer who also enjoys a game of golf with his friends and family.  He is the loving spouse of Jennifer and father of two children and three grandchildren.

Beth Ann Komara, CFO

Phone: (216) 861-3676 Ext. 212

Jennifer Bugbee, Vice President of Operations

Phone: (216) 861-3676 Ext. 219

Jonathan Seaman, Director of Maintenance and Safety

Phone: (216) 861-3676